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This product is available as a digital download, CD and as a standard or special edition vinyl. The special edition vinyl includes a digital download of the album on release day and comes with the option to be signed as ‘wrapped’ or ‘unwrapped’. For more information, see ‘Product Details’ below.


Waves · Album · 2021
The King’s Parade

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1. Waves
2. Little Rituals
3. Brother
4. How Long?
5. Mario
6. Sister
7. Is It Me?
8. Alright for You
9. More Than
10. Wait


Experience the debut album from The King’s Parade in the format we love the most. Here’s what’s included in the standard edition:

  • Waves 12″ vinyl
  • 2 -page booklet (featuring single art)


A limited edition release of the debut album from The King’s Parade. Here’s what’s included in this Waves [Special Edition]:

  • Waves 12″ vinyl
  • 4-page booklet (featuring single art, lyrics and a fold-out)
  • Uniquely numbered copies (e.g. 1 of 100)
  • Signed by the band
  • Includes a personalised, handwritten message from the band
  • Complimentary digital download


If you have selected the Special Edition release, you will be given the option to select ‘Signed as Wrapped and Sealed’ or ‘Signed as Unwrapped’. There is an important difference between the two.

All vinyls ship wrapped in plastic. If we sign your vinyl on the plastic cover, and then you open it, you will be removing the band’s signatures.

Choose ‘Unwrapped’  – if you plan to open the vinyl either to listen to it or read the booklets, inserts etc. In this case, we recommend that you choose the ‘unwrapped’ option. The band will then open your vinyl to sign directly onto the cover itself before shipping. It will arrive ‘unwrapped’.

Choose ‘Wrapped and Sealed’ – if you do not plan to open the vinyl, but instead plan to keep it in pristine condition as a collectors item. In this case, we recommend choosing ‘Wrapped and Sealed’ and the band will sign the outside wrapper.

CD + Digital Download

  • Waves CD in folding card wallet
  • Digital download link available after checkout
  • Option to have signed by the band

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